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<em><strong>Dentures </strong> </em>

Tooth loss produces a cascade of changes within the mouth that negatively impacts the remaining, teeth, gum integrity, the shape of the face, and the person’s overall health. Neglecting to replace numerous missing teeth with dentures may promote malnutrition due to the inability of the person to chew food properly, interfere with speaking legibly and initiate deterioration of the jawbone, which can make you look older than you are.

Who Should Get Dentures?

Although our goal is always to try and save your teeth, patients with many loose or decaying teeth may benefit from having those remaining teeth removed and obtaining dentures.
To help people regain oral functionality and a beautiful smile, Dr. Rinando offers customized dentures made from natural-looking, acrylic resins. Dr. Rinando can fit patients with a new set of dentures following a complete examination, impressions of the upper and lower jaw and a discussion with the patient concerning color, shape and size of your new denture teeth.

How are Dentures Made?

An oral impression is needed to assist a machine called a dental articulator. This machine simulates how a patient’s mouth will function according to the dimensions of the impressions. Dental articulators also replicate the interaction between the patient’s lower and upper jaws, determine spatial characteristics involved in this interaction and facilitate the creation of dentures that are as individualized and realistic as possible.

Dentures provided by Dr. Rinando mimic the appearance, color and texture of real gums and teeth. Advanced denture technology also allows denture teeth to be constructed with compounds that reflect light similar to how natural dental enamel reflects light. In addition, specialized denture materials now offer some degree of flexibility to the gum portion of dentures to give wearers a more comfortable and realistic experience.

Being Fitted for Dentures

The Process of being fitted for dentures may take four or five visits, depending on whether any oral pre-treatment is necessary. For patients who have been missing teeth for several years, gums have usually hardened enough so that wearing dentures as soon as they receive them is possible. However, since many patients opting for dentures need extractions, some may require temporary soft reline materials placed inside the dentures during the healing phase, and then later relined with denture acrylic.

Caring for Dentures

Dentures will last many years with proper care. Cleaning dentures involves brushing them daily with water and leaving submerged in a cleanser overnight. Additionally, Dr. Rinando urges patients who receive new dentures visit her office for follow-up appointments as needed for adjustments and to ensure that dentures fit properly and are functioning accordingly.