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Laser <em><strong>Dental </strong> </em> Procedures

Dental lasers are routinely used to treat a variety of dental and gum conditions, such as periodontal disease, gingivitis and tooth decay. We are certified to administer this high-tech, less invasive treatment method that results in faster healing and less discomfort. Contact our practice to learn more about laser dentistry, and how it may benefit you.

Recontouring Gum lines (Gingivectomy)

When oral disease or aging impairs gum integrity so that gums lose their firmness and sag over the tops of teeth, the result is a “gummy” smile that can negatively affect a person’s self-confidence. For removal of gum portions that have dropped over teeth, Dr. Rinando uses a Picasso Lite Diode dental laser that gently removes excess tissue to create a scalloped, more attractive gum line.

Because no scalpels or incisions are involved, Dr. Rinando eliminates unattractive “gummy” smiles without the pain and bleeding associated with traditional surgical methods. In addition, the risk of infection is dramatically reduced since no sutures are needed. Depending on the amount of gum tissue that needs removed, Dr. Rinando may complete a gum recontouring session in just one visit.

Sagging gum lines can make it difficult to brush the areas of the teeth that are concealed under the gums. This permits bacteria to reproduce and form layers of plaque and tartar on teeth. By removing excess gum tissue with a soft tissue laser therapy, Dr. Rinando reduces the risk of tooth decay while providing patients with attractive, healthy smiles.

Gingival Infection

Dental laser treatments also eliminate pockets of infection seen in advanced gingivitis, a gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene practices that allows anaerobic bacteria to erode gums. Unless professionally addressed, advanced gingivitis may lead to periodontitis, a serious oral disease that can extensively damage teeth, gums and even bone supporting teeth.

Periodontal Disease

Soft tissue laser therapy is also the preferred method of treatment for periodontitis. If periodontal infection reaches the jawbone, significant weakening of bone strength and bone loss can occur. Compromised bone integrity inevitably leads to widespread tooth loss and possible bacterial infection of the bloodstream. Dr. Rinando strongly urges anyone experiencing bleeding, swollen gums, gum pain and tooth decay to seek treatment immediately for possible periodontitis.

Endodontics (Root Canal)

Dental lasers can be used to clear away infected pulp and illuminate pulp cavities. Lasers also disinfect canals.