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Thank You!!!!!

I am a seasonal resident of North Naples from Canada and while here I broke one of my front teeth. I called the next morning and received an appointment that day! Dr. Rinando and Christina were both wonderful! Dr. Rinando fixed my tooth and I was thrilled! The office is beautiful. I am glad that I found a dentist that I can now call on when I am here if needed. I would definitely recommend her!

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Gaylen Richardson
I found my Dentist!

Actually was told I needed to have a tooth removed and needed periodontal done by another dentist group in Bonita Springs so I call 6th Sense Dental for a 2nd opinion and am I glad I did. She x-rayed my teeth and said my teeth were fine and I did not need any periodontal work. As a matter of fact I was told my mouth was in great shape for my age and had very little if any tartar. Wow….what a delight to find an honest person and what a relief for me. I asked for business cards and will pass them along to anyone looking for an honest highly qualified dentist……don't take my word for, check out her credentials………………….thank you Dr. Rinando

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A Dentist you can TRUST!

I have been dealing with jaw pain for over 20 years and finally decided to talk to my dentist about it. I was referred to an oral surgeon who said my only option was surgery and it may not relieve me of all of the symptoms is was experiencing. I had been struggling with this diagnosis for months and 3 days before my surgery I called Dr Rinando for a consultation. She took the time to explain the surgical procedure and the risks involved with undergoing the surgery. She also explained to me that there are several options available to me, other than surgery. After talking with Dr Rinando I decided not to have the surgery. Within a few hours Dr Rinando called me back with a referral to a Dr that specializes in TMJ in Missouri, where I live. I visited that dr this week and had a completely different experience and he's confident that he will relieve all of the pain that is associated with my jaw issues WITHOUT surgery! I truly believe that Dr Rinando prevented me from making a huge mistake! She took the time to listen to my issues, offered suggestions and even gave me a referral without even being a current patient! If this is the type of service she gives to someone halfway across the country, I can only imagine the care that she offers her current patients! If you want a dr who truly cares about your well being, Dr Rinando is the one for you!!

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I am terrified of the dentist! I’ve lived in Naples for 6 years and have worked my way through a good number of the ‘recommended’ dentists in town. Finally, I’ve found a wonderful dentist.
Victoria Rinando and all of her support staff, are just amazing! I recommend them to anyone who is a nervous patient! and to anyone who isn’t.
There was great care, no pain and an excellent result. I was a mess! But they handled me with patience and sensitivity. FInally, i have found the perfect dentist!