Grateful and Relieved
I moved to Florida, a year ago, and needed a dental check up. My experiences with dentists in the past, has been a mixture of good, fair, and bad. As a result, I did extensive research, both online and getting recommendations from residents, here is Fl. I was impressed with Dr Rinando's videos and the enthusiastic recommendation from a resident, who had had extensive work done by Dr Rinando. She was also someone who had not had very good experiences with dentists in the past. I visited Dr Rinando and her clinic and was reassured enough to schedule a cleaning with her. Unfortunately, I needed a new crown, tooth extraction and dental implant. My experience, through these procedures was a very positive one, and I was comforted by her professionalism, expertise, friendliness, compassion and kindness. So I highly recommend Dr Rinando, and am grateful to have found her.