BEST DENTIST EVER! I was one of Dr. Rinando’s first patients when she opened 6th Sense Dental in Bonita Springs in 2015. I had a dental crisis right before a vacation to Hawaii and was given Dr. Rinando’s number by a friend. She saw me immediately, did a quick fix for the problem so I could enjoy my vacation (which I did!), then fully resolved the problem when I returned. I knew I had a number of other dental issues needing attention (old crowns, some crooked teeth, baby teeth I still had at 60+ years old), so we discussed my options and she got to work transforming my mouth. AND SHE DID, discussing everything with me as we went through the process. She was always kind, clear, knowledgeable, respectful, and highly competent. And creative, using a cantilever bridge (which is perfect to this day) for a unique problem I had. My teeth and smile were transformed. A few years later, I moved to Virginia so I am no longer Dr. Rinando’s patient. But EVERY dentist I have had in subsequent years has marveled at the quality of Dr. Rinando’s work on my teeth. I have had NO problems with any of it and now proudly go to the dentist, knowing I’ll get great comments! THANK YOU, Dr. Rinando!! You are the best dentist I ever had and I will always sing your praises. If anyone needs a dentist in the Naples/Bonita Springs area, Dr. Victoria Rinando should be at the top of the list!