You're in the best of hands with Dr. Rinando and her staff.
Dr. Rinando has now, on three separate visits, repaired three of my teeth-my regular dentist was out of town- I'm going to switch to her care from now on. My visits show she is superbly capable and personable, with a first rate caring staff as well. By world of mouth (no pun intended) I heard she was tops at doing complex repairs. A friend pointed me to a Youtube or FB video that showed her mastery. I figured I'd give her a try, as my regular dentist left large-enough food-catching spaces between my teeth with his fillings and repairs, saying "That's as good as it's gonna get." Well, she fixed that by redoing his two fillings more precisely, and food no longer gets caught. HUGE difference! Then, she easily placed a ~$260 filling on a tooth that he quickly decided needed only a $1,500 crown. The filling is fine, and I saved over $1,200 on one tooth already. She's now my only dentist. You too will see there's a difference between an "A" and a "C" quality dentist. You're in the best of hands with her.