Making it look easy!
When I found out that I would need to have a root canal on a tooth with four roots I was filled with dread. Before I was referred to 6th Sense Dental, I have had some very unpleasant experiences with root canals on teeth with only two roots. I am happy to say that Dr. Victoria Rinando's caring manner, professional skill and state-of-the-art equipment turned the nightmare I was anticipating into a positive experience. I had absolutely no pain and a minimum of discomfort. In addition to the root canal, I had two other teeth in the same hard-to-reach area of my mouth that required extensive work, and Dr Rinando was able to complete the entire treatment in three visits with an excellent outcome. I have had occasion to visit dentists in many parts of the country, but I would put the quality of service at 6th Sense Dental at the very top of the list. It would be remiss not to mention that I also found the entire staff very pleasant and attentive and easy to work with.